‟After reading the questions on the camp survey, I’m not even sure why I camp with you.”

The Turtles are a chaotic bunch of friends camping together at Burning Man since 2018 without any drama, death, or injury.

Who we are

We started in 2018 as the Gay Turtle Makeout, a group of friends from the tech industry mostly from New York and San Francisco. In 2019 we grew to 18 people including campers from Los Angeles and London and plenty of non-techies too. We're all super nice, low-drama, hard working, and kinda hot. Oh, and modest!


How we camp

We build an awesome camp every year and share a lot of things like Shiftpods, a great shade structure, a kitchen with two communal meals a day, water and grey water disposal, a very exhibitionist shower situation (camp is clothing optional), a generator, free snacks, tools, and more. We don't allow RVs or private vehicles. We definitely don't allow drama, sparkle-ponies, or people who don't work hard.


The Turtle Spaceport

In 2022, the Turtles are building a destination Spaceport at the heart of the 4:30 emergency backup gayborhood. It will feature a large lounge, open 24/7, with a bar serving alcoholic and non-alcholic cocktails and coffee every evening.

We are planning to build some incredibly cool frontage that is attractive and inviting both day and night, and large, attractive public spaces open to everyone.

The Spaceport includes both a large open area with lots of comfy seating, and several cool hidden nooks, decorated nicely with plenty of loungy things, where you can cuddle with a smaller group. Compared to 2019, we’ll have a space at least 4 times larger.

There is also the Pillow Fort, a dust free and air conditioned space designed to allow people to experience being sexually social in a safe and respectful way.

2022 Camp Layout (tentative)

Camp with us

If you think you'd like to camp with the Turtles at Burning Man in 2022, please start by reading Camping with the Turtles, our comprehensive guide to what's involved!

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